Homes are bar none probably the most satisfying place to be in the world, a place where all the stresses and problems seem to leak away.

There are those select few though, whose homes are not a fix place but rather a constant refreshing update to different locations. There are many ways to to accomplish this. Yes you can use the method they use on discovery of uprooting your entire house and moving it. But for the people with a bit more common sense they would rather spend that money on a house that can move..

Red carpet, photographers, driver and a luxury car

Enter the limousine, always been classified a method of transportation until the car manufactures decided to create a array of monster limos, the ones that you dont want to leave and drive from location to location your whole life!

enough room for all those friends families, the pet dog and hard of hearing granny.

This isnt a hypothetical situation, many ppl are converting to this method of travel/living.

Some of these cars, are so epic that they have beds, kitchen facilities the works!

I was surprised that this was happening on such a regular occasion.  So lets take a look at the benefits!

The ease of transport is the most common one, This is the epitome of class and all of which is going to make the method of transport the most addictive we can look at cooking a 5 star meal while on the road. You can even sleep in the thing!!! now thats crazy!  you  can find more

so do yourself a favour today! Go check out the limo house range of travel. You will be surprised as to what you find! Good luck to you all and I hope you enjoyed my first blog post! I will be posting more on this topic and many other limo type/ home type, muscle car type postings!

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